Campbeltown Airport is an airport in Scotland. It’s a good place to fly in or out of if you’re visiting the Kintyre Peninsula.  If you’re flying out of Campbeltown Airport, it’s a good idea to check your departure information before you go so you know what time your flight is. Check out the latest real-time today Campbeltown airport departures flights information below. This information is always up-to-date.


The above timetable is always updated with the latest departures flight info. You can also check the arriving flights at Campbeltown Airport.

Detailed Guide of Campbeltown Airport Departures Timetable

Our departure timetable provides essential information for you. Here are the details typically available:

  1. Time: The scheduled departure time of each flight.
  2. Date: The specific date of the flight.
  3. IATA: The International Air Transport Association code for the airport.
  4. Destination: The destination city or airport for the departing flight.
  5. Flight: The flight number assigned by the airline.
  6. Airline: The airline operating the flight.
  7. Status: The current status of the flight, such as on time, delayed, or departed.

Knowing exactly when your flight leaves helps you avoid missing it and keeps your trip on track.

Tips for Travelers

  • Be early (at least 1 hour before flight)
  • Check flight status beforehand
  • Pack light for small aircraft
  • Explore the Kintyre Peninsula (if time allows)

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