Our Farnborough airport departures timetable is updated regularly, ensuring you have access to the latest today departure information. Whether you are a passenger or coordinating travel arrangements, this table serves as a valuable tool for a smooth travel experience.


You can also see all arriving flights for Farnborough Airport.

Stay informed about departing flights from Farnborough Airport (FAB) with our real-time departures table. This resource provides accurate and timely information, allowing you to efficiently plan your travel needs.

Explanation of FAB Airport Departures Timetable

The above Farn borough airport flights departures table helps you track all outgoing flights. Here’s what the information means:

  • Departure Time: When the plane takes off.
  • Date: The day your journey begins.
  • Airport: The location where your flight starts.
  • Flight Number: Your plane’s unique identifier, like its own personal name tag.
  • Airline: The company operating your flight.
  • Status: Whether your flight is on schedule, delayed, cancelled, or has already departed.

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