Having a flight’s departure time in mind helps you plan your trip to the airport. You can find the departure times for flights from Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL) here. Our Liverpool airport departures timetable today show all live results.


You can also check the table for all the arriving flights at Liverpool Airport.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Departures Timetable Detailed Guide

Here is the detailed guide on timetable, we explain everything which shows in timetable.

  • Travel Time: This is when the flight takes off.
  • Travel Date: This is the date you’re flying.
  • Airport: This is where you start your trip.
  • Flight Code: This is a unique identifier for the flight.
  • Airline: This is the company that runs the flight.
  • Flight Information: This tells you if the flight is on time, delayed, or cancelled.

Why is the Live Departure table necessary?

  • Find flight details (time, date, airline, status)
  • Plan your trip to the airport (considering travel time, security, check-in)
  • Understand the timetable format (easy to use even for beginners)

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