Heathrow Airport offers several parking options to suit your travel needs. They have online booking for convenient parking arrangements and a meet-and-greet service for valet parking. Their app lets you manage your booking, check flight times, and get directions to the airport. This way, you can focus on your trip and have a stress-free start to your journey. You can easily get all information about London Heathrow airport parking here and the best slot for your vehicle.

Heathrow Parking Types

Whether you need parking for a short visit or a long trip, Heathrow has a solution for you.

  • Short Stay
  • Long Stay
  • Business
  • Meet & Greet
  • POD Parking (Terminal 5 only)
  • Valet Parking
Heathrow Parking Types

1. Short Stay

Need a quick and easy parking option at London Heathrow Airport? Heathrow Short Stay car parks are a great choice.

Benefits of Short Stay Parking:

  • Close to the Terminal: Walk to your terminal in just 2 minutes! No need to wait for a shuttle.
  • Pre-book for Convenience: Book your spot for up to 99 days to guarantee your peace of mind.
  • Security Measures: Rest easy knowing your car is protected by security measures.
  • Flexible Option: Pre-book for a discount, or pay by day when you arrive (prices may vary).

    Heathrow Short Stay Parking Prices:

    To find out how much it will cost, you can see the parking rates in below table:

    Short Stay Car Park Terminals Maps:

    The short stay parking is available at all Heathrow Airport terminals (Terminals 2, 3, 4, and 5). Here are maps of all the terminals. You can use them to find short-term parking options.

    Overheight Parking Charges:

    Parking for tall vehicles (over 3 meters) at Terminal 2:

    There’s a special area for tall vehicles on the ground floor of Short Stay Car Park 2.  The parking fee starts at £17.40 for two hours.

    Parking for tall vehicles (2.75 metres) at Terminal 3:

    On the ground floor of Short Stay Car Park 3, you can park vehicles up to a maximum height of 2.75 meters.

    Parking for tall vehicles (2 or 2.1 metres) at Terminal 4:

    Fast Track or Overheight tariffs for Terminal 5:

    Heathrow Short Stay Car Parks for Passenger Pick-Up:

    Note: payment made at the car park machines, not booked online.

    Long Stay Car Parks for Passenger Pick-Up:

    Long Stay Car Parks for Passenger Pick-Up Prices Table

    Note: There is no EV charging available at Heathrow Short Stay Parking.

    2. Long Stay Parking

    Heathrow’s long-stay parking is a good option for travellers who need to leave their car for an extended period.

    Benefits of Long Stay Parking:

    Long Stay Parking Prices:

    All Terminals Long Stay Parking Maps:

    Long stay car parks are located near Terminals 2 & 3, 4, and 5 at the airport.

    How to Retrieve Your Car from Long Stay Parking?

    Find the Long-Term Parking bus stop for your terminal (listed below). Tell the driver your parking zone.

    Pick-up Stop Locations by Terminal:

    During off-hours (typically 11:30 pm to 4:00 am), you might need to call for a pick-up at 020 8745 6261.

    Note: Bring booking info (if needed).

    3. Business Parking

    The business parking is like a VIP parking spot for travelers in a hurry. It’s close to the terminals and designed to get you on your way quickly and easily, so you can focus on your trip.

    Benefits of Business Parking:

    Terminals Maps for Business Parking:

    Easily find the business parking locations for terminals 2/3 and 5.

    Uses of Business Parking: Arrival and Departure

    Upon arrival:

    Upon departure:

    Out of hours: If you are arriving between “11:30 pm and 4:00 am”, call 020 8745 6261 to request a ride to the car park.

    Business Parking Price List:

    1 Day (Monday-Sunday)£44.80

    4. Meet and Greet Parking

    Avoid the stress of finding a parking spot and get to your terminal quickly. Here’s what you can expect:

    Meet and Greet parking is located within the short stay car parks at this Airport. There’s no separate map needed to find them.

    Prices Table for Meet and Greet Parking:

    The parking package starts at £133.90 per day for drive-up service.

    DurationPrice (effective 3 January 2024)
    1 day£133.90
    2 days£182.70
    3 days£230.20
    4 days£277.70
    Each additional 24-hour period, or part thereof£36.20

    5. Pod Parking

    Pod parking is a fast way to get to Terminal 5 at this airport.

    Pod Parking

    Note: Pod parking is not available at other terminals else terminal 5.

    POD Parking: Northern Perimeter Road, Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2GX

    You can also see the pod address on Google map, here is the link of Google map, follow it and get the main location of T5 Pod Parking hub.

    POD Parking Rates:

    Daily Rate: £55.70

    Available Time: Monday to Sunday: 04:00 – 00:30

    6. Valet Parking

    Make your journey stress-free and smoother by using Valet parking. Simply drop off your car at the terminal, and the valet parking staff will handle the parking for you.

    Rate list of Valet Parking: 

    The starting price for valet parking is £133.90 per day.

    Steps for Using Heathrow Valet Parking:

    Here’s a quick and short rundown of how to use it:

    Remember it:

    • Valet service available at all terminals.
    • Convenient service for a smooth travel experience.
    • Reception desk is open from 5:00 AM to 10:30 PM for final car collection.

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