This London Southend airport departures timetable will help you to see the all real-time live departure flights at London Southend airport (SEN). Bookmark this blog for the most up-to-date departures Southend airport information. You can easily plan your trip by checking the table.


Check the timetable for all live arriving flights at London Southend Airport.

London Southend Airport Departures Table Explained

This guide helps you understand the information on the Southend airport departures board.

What the information means:

  • Departure Time: When the flight takes off.
  • Date: The day the flight departs.
  • Airport: London Southend Airport (SEN).
  • Flight Number: A unique code that identifies the flight.
  • Airline: The company operating the flight (e.g., EasyJet, Ryanair).
  • Status: Whether the flight is:
    • On time
    • Delayed
    • Canceled
    • Already departed

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