Track arriving flights at Aberdeen International airport with our arrivals table. Check the latest up-to-date incoming flights information on our Aberdeen airport arrivals timetable. This timetable is showing you the live Aberdeen flight arrivals data.


Need to know about flights leaving Aberdeen? Check our timetable for departing flights at Aberdeen airport.

Detailed Explanation on Aberdeen Arrivals Timetable

Here’s an explanation of the flight timetable in simpler terms:

  • Time (UTC): Flight arrival time (UTC).
  • Date (EDT): Flight arrival date in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).
  • IATA: Airport code based on a standard system (IATA).
  • Origin (City): City where the flight departs from.
  • Flight: Unique code for the flight assigned by the airline.
  • Airline: Name of the airline operating the flight.
  • Status: Current status of the flight (e.g., landed, estimated arrival, diverted, cancelled).

Importance of Real-Time Timetable:

Real-time timetables are important because flight schedules can change due to weather, traffic, or delays. They keep you informed so you can adjust your plans, like arranging pickups or transportation, or just relax knowing when your flight arrives.

Easy to Read and Understandable:

  • Easy to use (you can easily see the results of all flights).
  • Accessible from any device (user-friendly for all devices).
  • Shows real-time flight information.
  • Helps you live track flights.

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