Check the latest live departures results for Aberdeen International Airport (ABZ) and be sure to arrive early for check-in and security. This Aberdeen airport departures timetable show the latest real-time live flights status. You will always get updated information from this table.


Note: Be sure to arrive early for check-in and security. Don’t forget to have your passport and boarding pass handy!

Find out what flights are landing at Aberdeen airport today. Visit our timetable for arriving flights at Aberdeen airport.

What Aberdeen Departures Timetable Shows?

The above Aberdeen airport departures table helps you track all the ABZ airport departures flights. Here’s what the information means:

  • Time: Departure time of the flight according to the schedule.
  • Date: Scheduled date of departure for the flight.
  • IATA: Three-letter airport code designated by IATA for global identification.
  • Destination: City or area where the flight is intended to arrive.
  • Flight: Unique alphanumeric code used by the airline to identify the specific flight.
  • Airline: Company responsible for operating the flight.
  • Status: Current condition of the flight relative to its scheduled departure time. “Estimated” implies the arrival time is approximate and subject to change, while “Departed” indicates the flight has already taken off.

Importance of Timely Departure Updates:

Knowing about flight schedule changes as soon as possible helps passengers make informed decisions about their travel. This can help them avoid missing connections, arriving late at their destination, and the stress of unexpected delays or cancellations. Always track your flight for your great air trip.

Your Pre-Departure Checklist

Let’s look at some important points to think about before you go, so your trip goes smoothly and you have a good time!

Before you leave for the airport:

  • Check flight status (online/app)
  • Check in online (if possible)
  • Pack travel docs (passport, boarding pass, visas)
  • Pack light (check size/weight limits)

At the airport:

  • Arrive early at the airport.
  • Check in for your flight.
  • Drop off checked bags (if you have any).
  • Go through security.
  • Find your gate and board your flight.

Other things to remember:

  • Check time difference at destination
  • Bring empty water bottle (fill after security)
  • Pack entertainment for flight
  • Be polite to airline staff

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