Barra Airport in Scotland has a truly special runway, it’s on the beach. Flights land and take off on the sand at low tide, creating a unique experience for all travelers. Here we provide real-time departure information for Barra airport (BRR). Check our real time Barra airport departures table to find the latest flight details before you head out on your trip.


We also share the timetable for all live incoming flights at Barra airport.

What to expect:

  • Find out about flights leaving the airport.
  • Get the latest flight information from this airport.

Understanding the Barra Airport Departures Table

This table shows details about flights leaving Barra airport. Here’s what each column means:

  • Time: The planned time the flight takes off.
  • Date: The day the flight is scheduled to depart.
  • Flight: A unique code for this specific trip.
  • Airline: The airline operating the flight.
  • Destination: The city the flight is flying to.
  • Status: Current information about the flight, such as if it’s on schedule, delay etc.

Soaking Up the Scenery:

Unwind before your flight and take in the beauty of Barra. Relax on the white sand beach and watch the waves roll in. Breathe in the fresh Hebridean air.

Spot the colorful wooden curraghs bobbing in the water. These traditional boats have been used by islanders for centuries.

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