Tingwall airport (LWK) is an important airport in Shetland. It connects travelers to the islands of Shetland, Scotland. Check out our Tingwall airport arrivals table below to track all today flights landing at this lovely airport in Scotland’s Shetland Islands.


On this blog you will always get updated information about arrivals. If you want to track the outgoing flights for this airport then visit our outgoing flights for Tingwall airport blog. Our table clearly presents the results in a user-friendly format.

Detailed Information on Tingwall Airport Arrivals Timetable

This is the detailed guide to what you might see in the table of flights arriving at LWK.

  • Time: This is when the flight lands at the airport.
  • Date: date when the flight arrive.
  • Origin: This is the city or airport the flight is coming from.
  • Flight Number: This is a unique code that identifies the flight for the airline.
  • Airline: This is the company operating the flight.
  • Status: This shows whether the flight is on time, delayed, cancelled, or has already arrived.

Arrival Procedures:

Getting off the plane at Tingwall airport is very simple. Passengers walk straight to the terminal building from the airplane. There are usually few or no customs checks, since most flights are domestic. Picking up your luggage is easy, with clear signs to help you find your way. The airport is known for its quick and hassle-free arrival process.

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