Check out the real-time North Connel Oban airport arrivals flights results here. The timetable below shows today’s live Oban airport (OBN) arrival flights results.


We also share the timetable for all outgoing flights at Oban airport.

Detail Guide on North Connel Oban Airport Arrivals Timetable

The above arrival table shows information about all real-time incoming flights. The table typically includes:

  • Scheduled arrival time
  • Scheduled arrival date
  • Airline code (IATA)
  • Originating city or airport
  • Flight number
  • Airline name
  • Flight status (e.g., landed, on time)

Oban Arrival Tips

Here are the list of tips which are helpful for you at the time of arrivals: 

  1. Check flight status before you go.
  2. Have your ID and travel documents ready.
  3. Look for baggage claim signs after landing.
  4. Plan your ride from the airport (taxi, rental car, bus).
  5. Know your hotel details if staying in Oban.
  6. Pack for unpredictable weather.
  7. Exchange currency if needed.
  8. Save local emergency numbers.
  9. Get a local SIM card if you don’t have cell service.
  10. Ask airport staff about things to see and do in Oban.

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