Find the latest information from Oban airport (OBN) in real time. The given below North Connel Oban airport departures timetable shows the all today’s live flights status. Don’t be worried about refreshing your browser because you’ll always see the most recent information here.


See the timetable of incoming flights at Oban airport.

Understanding the Oban Airport Departures Table

This timetable shows details about flights leaving Oban Airport. Here’s what each section means:

  • Time: The planned departure time of the flight.
  • Date: The day the flight is scheduled to depart.
  • Flight: An identification code for this specific trip.
  • Airline: The company operating the flight.
  • Destination: The island the flight is travelling to.
  • Status: Information about the flight, such as if it is departing on time.

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