Want to track the arriving flights at Southampton Airport (SOU)? Many travellers are unsure of the exact arrival time for their flights. Keeping track of flights can be a challenge for travellers, as arrival times can change. But there are ways to stay informed! Our real-time arrivals timetable for Southampton airport helps you stay informed about your arrival flight’s status. This time table shows today’s latest live Southampton airport arrivals information. You can check for any delays or changes to your flight before you head to the airport.


Track the Outgoing flights at Southampton airport.

Explanation of Southampton Airport Arrivals Table

The arrival table at Southampton Airport (SOU) shows details about flights that are scheduled to land there. Here’s a breakdown of what the information means:

  • Scheduled Arrival Time: When the flight is expected to arrive.
  • Date: The day the flight arrives.
  • Origin: The city or airport the flight is coming from.
  • Flight Number: A unique code for the flight, used by the airline.
  • Airline: The company operating the flight.
  • Status: The current status of the flight, such as on time, delayed, cancelled, or arrived.

Why this Timetable is Beneficial:

Real-time timetables help you stay informed and make your trip smoother.

  • Real-time updates: Know the latest flight info before you go.
  • Smooth travel: Adjust plans if there’s a delay.

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