Planning to depart from Southampton Airport (SOU) soon? Are you worried about missing your flight? Worry not! Our real-time departure timetable helps you to track all departing flights. This Southampton airport departures timetable shows the today latest live updated flights data. You can stay informed about the latest departures flight statuses, including any delays or changes.


Track the arriving flights at Southampton airport.

Explanation of Southampton Airport Departures Table

The above Southampton flight departures table helps you track all the SOU airport departures flights. Here’s what the information means:

  • Departure Time: When the flight takes off.
  • Date: The day of flight depart.
  • Flight Number: A unique code for the flight.
  • Airline: The company operating the flight.
  • Airport: The location where your flight starts.
  • Status: Whether your flight is on schedule, delayed, cancelled, or has already departed.

Benefits of Our Timetable:

You can find the latest flight information for Southampton Airport here, including departure times and any updates. This will help you:

  • See if your flight is on time
  • Track a friend or family member’s flight
  • Plan your trip to the airport effectively

The information is easy to understand and up-to-date. You can find what you need quickly and easily so you can relax and focus on your journey.

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