Tingwall Airport (LWK) connects you to the heart of the Shetland Islands. Start your Shetland Islands adventure at this airport. See our Tingwall airport departures table below to check all flights leaving from Shetland today.


This departures blog keeps you up-to-date on all outgoing flights. You can also see our arriving flights table for Tingwall airport. We show our table in a clear and user-friendly structure.

Understanding the Tingwall Airport Departures Timetable

Here’s a detailed explanation to understand the departures timetable:

  • Takeoff Time: the time of leave flight.
  • Date: This confirms the day the flight is supposed to take off.
  • Flight Code: Each trip has a special code to identify it.
  • Airline: This tells you which company is operating the flight.
  • City Going To: This shows the final destination of the flight.
  • Flight Status: This lets you know if the flight is on time or has any changes.

Departure Tips for Travelers

Do these before you go:

  • Check Documents (Passport & Visa)
  • Organise Travel Documents
  • Secure Your Home
  • Pack Smartly
  • Prepare for Security
  • Notify Your Bank
  • Arrange Transportation
  • Take Care of Health Needs
  • Download Travel Apps
  • Charge and Backup Electronics

Our travel experts share their secrets tips for a smooth departure, so you can follow these tips to ensure a smooth start to your trip.

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